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Turbo Dismount

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Turbo Dismount is a unique mixture of racing and ragdoll game where you can choose different cars, create unique tracks and enjoy awesome graphics and gameplay. Even though that the game was only available for android users,now everything changed. You can play Turbo Dismount on your PC at our website using the Unity Player. You can download and install it for free, it won’t take much time. So, Turbo Dismount is a game that you have never played before. At the beginning of the game, some of the vehicles are locked, but don’t worry, you can unblock them later. The most annoying thing that I hate in this game is that the full version is not free. You have to pay money to unlock all cars and tracks but it’s a bit expensive. In free version you can enjoy up to 5 vehicles and 6 maps. You can play the Turbo Dismount Unblocked for free at our website. All actions are made by mouse. Have Fun with us,make awesome stunts to test how strong your dummy is and make deadly crashes at high speed. The more destruction you bring to your car – the more points you will get.